Kelly Pan (潘嘉丽)

Kelly Pan (潘嘉丽)

Singaporean singer Kelly Pan (潘嘉丽) became a household name after winning the female crown during the Inaugural Project Superstar Competition, beating over 10,000 applicants. During the grand finals, she performed memorably with Singapore star JJ Lin.

Since then, Kelly has successfully become a regional star, with her works distributed and marketed throughout Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. She has won numerous awards, including Best Singapore Artiste at the GCMA (Global Chinese Music Awards), and was the sole Singapore representative performer for the theme song of ASEAN-ROK Culture Innovation Summit in 2019.
She is a triple threat – with additional accolades in hosting & movie/drama roles.

In this digital age, Kelly is also regarded as one of the most “viral” Singaporean artiste. Her Chinese cover of the Korean song “Always”, taken from the Original Sound Track of the popular Korean Drama “Descendants of the Sun” was immensely popular with netizens and Kelly became a viral sensation overnight. The video chalked up over 50,000 shares and millions of views and garnered her a nomination at the Asian Viral Awards. Her subsequent videos have received similar viral responses online.

Revered as the Queen of covers and collaborations, Kelly has performed & collaborated with various artistes in the region including Denmark sensation Christopher, Taiwanese heartthrob Judy Chou, local sensation Nathan Hartono – and even shot a promo video with International star Ed Sheeran.
Her duet version of “Suo San Jiu San” (说散就散) swept the Karaoke charts in 2018 and 2019, holding the crown for months in Karaoke outlets in Singapore and Taiwan.

In 2020, Kelly released 3 hit singles (You Are The Reason, POSE, I Love You) back to back. All 3 singles successfully hit the Top 10 in KKBOX & Radio Charts.

In recent years, Kelly has also built up her profile as a songwriter, with works sold to renowned artistes like Joey Yung, Valen Hsu, Karfun Lee etc.




一首改编自《太阳的后裔》主题曲《Always》中文版本让潘嘉丽红遍大街小巷,通过各大平台累积了超过上百万的分享指数。潘嘉丽也因与许多知名歌手合作发布视频,广受好评,反应热烈,让她获得“VIRAL 女王”封号。合作过的歌手包括国际歌手 Ed Sheeran、丹麦王子 Christopher、台湾歌手周定纬和新加坡小天王 Nathan向洋,等 。

2018年,潘嘉丽以对唱模式翻唱《说散就散》,在新加坡和台湾的KTV 榜上取得数个月的冠军宝座。

2020年,潘嘉丽发行了3首单曲 (唯一的理由,POSE,我们没有爱错)。这三首单曲深受乐迷喜爱成功进入KKBOX和电台十大歌曲排行榜。


Mode Entertainment Artiste – Kelly Pan

Kelvin Chen 陈伟联

Kelvin Chen 陈伟联

Kelvin Chen is Asia’s first blind Superstar with a huge fan-base ranging from the young to the elderly. He rose to fame after he was crowned the overall champion of Singapore’s first Chinese Reality Singing Contest “Project Superstar”. Kelvin’s touching renditions and flawless singing techniques earned him praises from critics, media and musicians from all over Asia.

His debut album “All I Want” hit the Top 20 in Taiwan’s Best-Selling Albums Chart, and his next album “Moving Notes” hit Top 5. His first solo concert in Singapore at Max Pavilion was a sold-out show, attracting over 5,000 fans in attendance. His single “I Love You” hit #1 on the Global Music Chart, and became his signature song in the region. Songs that he interpreted such as “Fairytale” (童话), “I’m Not Lonely on a Lonely Night” (孤单的夜里我不孤单), “Voices from the Heart”(小人物的心声), “Big Sea” (大海) and “Matchstick Heaven” (火柴天堂), continue to leave their mark whenever he performs.

Kelvin is regarded as an inspiration to many people, demonstrating a stunning transformation from street busker to regional superstar overnight. He was also selected to sing the National Day Theme Song “What Do You See” (就在这里). In 2017, his album “The Singapore Songbook”, consisting classic Xinyao songs, reached #1 on iTunes. In 2019, he released a video of the hit song “We Are Not The Same” (我们不一样), which went viral.

He has won 3 Singapore Entertainment Music Awards, and 4 times “Best Drama Theme Song” award at Star Awards. In addition, he also won “Best Newcomer” award under the Acting category and “Top 10 Most Popular Male Artiste” award for his high popularity at Star Awards.

Besides his gift in singing, Kelvin enjoys sports and keeps up an active lifestyle.

Kelvin enjoys bowling and was one of only two completely blind Singaporeans who played the sport competitively, winning a competition organized by the blind associations of Singapore and Perth.
He went on to represent Singapore in Goalball for the 8th ASEAN Para Games in 2015, and is also a member of the RunningHour (a running club for people with disabilities).



陈伟联发行的首张个人专辑《我只是想要…》在台湾登上“20大年度最畅销专辑”,而他之后发行的专辑《走唱 陈伟联》登上了“5大年度最畅销专辑”。另外,陈伟联的成名畅销歌曲《I Love You 我爱你》也登上了台湾KTV与全球音乐排行榜的榜首!他演绎过的歌曲都让人留下深刻的印象;例如“童话”,“孤单的夜里我不孤单”,“小人物的心声”,“大海”,“火柴天堂”,等。陈伟联在成名后举办了首场个人演唱会,吸引了5,000名歌迷,以全票售出挤爆了新加坡Max Pavilion。

一夜成名的陈伟联启发了众多人。他在2009年被受邀演唱当年的国庆主题歌曲《就在这里》。他在2017年发行的经典新遥翻唱专辑“The Singapore Songbook”荣登iTunes首榜。在2019年也翻唱了热门歌曲“我们不一样”,再次让他成为众人焦点话题。



Mode Entertainment Artiste – Kelvin Chen